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Anonymous asked
In your opinion, who is worse to Kurt? Rachel or Blaine?


They’re both bad for Kurt, but I’ll give it to Blaine by a nose.

Rachel, for all that she saw Kurt as her competition, still respected Kurt as a performer. She could be an ass when it came to trying to promote her superiority, but she never forgot the fact that he was the only one that she could see as being anything close to her equal. And she could be very good about supporting Kurt at times when it wasn’t taking anything away from her. When her delusions of her own importance got the better of her, she could be an absolute beast to be around (and there were many times when I wouldn’t have blamed Kurt at all for giving up on Rachel), but she usually will come around and at least show to a small degree that keeping Kurt’s friendship is important to her. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t horribly one sided and that Rachel in no way deserves Kurt’s friendship, but it has its moments when I do see why they are friends.

As for Blaine… I don’t doubt that Blaine loves Kurt as much as he’s capable of loving someone other than himself. But I don’t think that he respects Kurt. Not as a performer and not as a man. He was comfortable in the relationship when he was the one at the top - the one who as considered the more talented and more desirable. He resented when Kurt was paid attention by anyone (especially other boys). He might deign to share the spotlight with Kurt when the mood took him (or when he had something to gain from it), but he hated when Kurt would get featured and he wasn’t. He wanted Kurt to be weaker and less than he was and now that Kurt is stronger (physically, emotionally, spiritually) than he is and seen by most as being a greater talent, Blaine cannot handle it. I only have to look at his voice over during tested to get a real sense of the distain he feels for Kurt and the fact that he resents when others see Kurt as being desirable, strong and “leading man” material.

This ends up being the deciding factor for me. Rachel might see Kurt as her competition as much as Blaine does, but she can be genuinely happy for his successes (if they don’t take anything away from her). Blaine can’t be. He only is interested in his own successes and Kurt succeeding means that he is failing.




People can forgive Karofsky for this

but they think Blaine is satan for cheating.

Dave was really sorry that he hurt Kurt.

I never got the idea that Blaine was sorry that he hurt Kurt. More that he was sorry that Kurt didn’t forgive him right…

A big part of the reason why people can forgive Karofsky and not Blaine is because Karofsky made sincere apologies and accepted responsibility for his actions. Blaine, on the hand, has never taken responsibility for his actions and instead blamed Kurt for them.

I fully support a Blaine and Karofsky relationship because that would mean that Kurt would be free of the lying, cheating, whiny, balding, grease ball. 

So last year the People chose Chris, Lea, and Naya. Now, the teens have chosen Lea. You know who never seems to get chosen? Darren and Chord. Yet Ryan Murphy continues to choose them for way too many songs and way too much screen time. What is wrong with this picture?

Considering the people and the teens choices, it is clear that if Ryan got his head out of his ass and listened to the people and the teens and put focus on the ones we chose instead of the much weaker talent, maybe glee viewers would have tuned out by millions.



Darren got beat by Tyler Hoechlin. I SO approve.

Congrats to Tyler!

How many people want Kurt to leave Blaine?


Like SERIOUSLY? Why is he with Blaine, I can’t with Blee right now!

In the real world someone as awful, unattractive and selfish as Blaine who not only hurts Kurt constantly and abusive and rude and selfish to Kurt and frustrate Kurt and controls Kurt, but has CHEATED on him would not only be dating him but WOULD NOT get a second chance! Who else want’s Kurt free because he deserves better than special snow flake Blaine?