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Someone I follow is getting anons who think that because Chris is standing next to a man in a group shot in a party, well, you know.

If that is true that everyone you are photographed near is someone you’re doing the horizontal mambo with, well whoopee, then I’m getting a lot more action than I thought!

Woo hoo!

Are these the same people who think that if you went to a concert with someone, then you are clearly dating? If so, does that mean that if you are standing next to that someone in a photo that you are doing the horizontal mambo with that person? Just want to make sure I have their logic down.



Oh, why do Klainers follow me? Isn’t my blog name alone a pretty clear indication that they’re not going to like what I post? Do they think I’m going to follow back and subject myself to seeing posts featuring the shiny-headed, whining, man-baby that is Blanderson? Do they think they’re somehow…

Give in! Drink the Kool Aid! LOL



the thrilling saga in which Panic! owns the fuck out of WBC

A+ handling of the situation


If you have to fabricate a complex PR conspiracy narrative in order excuse your fave maybe that’s a sign that he isn’t worth defending in the first place.

Anonymous asked
I feel so sorry for Darren. I usually try to ignore the fact there are Darren haters as long as I don't see any of their rude comments. Mostly their arguments against him are made up. But when I saw reference to his "pimp" post, I truly realized how such things ruin the whole attitude towards the person. We understand that things are much more complicated and his IG/twitter/Facebook is controlled most of the time. However, not all plp think that deep and it is so sad that PR makes plp hate D.




I hate it. I just want him to be be who he is and happy without all the pr bullshit

Guys look, it’s not Darren’s fault that he puts offensive shit all over his social media, it’s all PR. PR posts the offensive stuff and they make him say the rude things to fans and in interviews. It’s all PR, it’s not Darren. You can’t blame him, Darren is a sweet and perfect angel who can do no wrong - that’s how everyone knows it’s PR that’s doing this. PR theories don’t just exist to further the fantasies of CrissColfer, PR theories exist to also disprove the reality that Darren Criss says and does offensive, misogynistic garbage. LOL text it.

Here’s a daily dose of tinhatter/Darren stan hilarity. Last I checked, PR firms weren’t paid to sabotage their clients - hard to get their money if they actively work to send their client’s career down the shitter ;) .

This may be just about the funniest thing I read all week. So not only is PR keeping him from living his life the way he wants to live it, PR is also making him say and post rude and inappropriate things? Trust me. Darren’s PR isn’t what makes an increasing number of people dislike him. Darren does that all by himself because he doesn’t think before he thinks or acts. He has no filter. He suffers from a severe case of foot in mouth disease, and he is killing his career because he has become so polarizing. If his PR team is guilty of anything it is not trying to reign him in and prep him for interviews so that he doesn’t say things that embarrass him, cut down his co-workers, or are just plain offensive.


Watching Glee is this weird combination of mostly aggravation and apathy, and then the too-rare jolt of the absolutely-radiant Chris Colfer.

And lots of cringing. 


Kelliot was such a missed opportunity. I think Kurt needs someone who is at least as mature as he is as a love interest.


Kelliot was such a missed opportunity. I think Kurt needs someone who is at least as mature as he is as a love interest.



You know if it weren’t for our weird and wonderful little tribe, Adam and Ollie might have been forgotten in the Glee fandom by the time the show ended, and I am not going to fucking let that happen.image

Me neither. He is such a good actor, I hope he’ll get to do more in Episodes.  

And he’s a sweetheart!