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Blaine’s lie is that he uses bodily fluids instead of hair gel in his hair. 




The cover of Piece of My Heart is an obsecenity, a true disgrace. And of the two performers the worst is definitely not the 88-year old lady (though she is pretty bad).

It’s truly abysmal. Maybe the worst Glee cover ever.

I wonder if it’s supposed to be horrendous?

It is by far the worst song ever recorded for glee. As a matter of fact it may be the worst cover song recorded ever.


Let’s take a moment

These really be need to be chopped down to take out the blamtina. 



lmao Blaine’s actually in the same city as him and Kurt would still rather sleep with the pillow

If this is true, and Blaine would rather be jacking off to frat boy porn than having sex with Kurt…they are clearly soulmates who should be together for eternity. Except apparently not having sex or sleeping together. But other than that, wow, totally soulmates!

And now Blaine takes DJ’s phone numbers and goes into the bathroom to call them, too.  


Remember when Kurt introduced Bruce in S4 and all the Adam/Kadam haters were saying it was because no one could real take Blaine’s place in Kurt’s heart and bed, and he’d rather curl up around a pillow than Adam?

Fastforward to when Klaine are engaged andliving in the same city….oops.

Kurlow forever!


Still a better boyfriend than Blaine

Considering that Blaine took the DJ’s number from Tina, and went into the bathroom presumably to call him, I’d say Bruce is by far a better boyfriend than Blaine. 

(Source: diablodancer)

So, can we talk about how quickly Blaine took the DJ’s number out of Tina’s hand after telling her that he is gay?  And can we talk about how Blaine immediately went into the bathroom and shut the door right?  Considering how they focused on Blaine going into the bathroom, and shutting the door, I would tend to think that Blaine went in there to call and set up a date with the DJ.  Blaine has a wandering eye, and a history of being involved with other men behind Kurt’s back.  Once a cheating bastard, always a cheating bastard.