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Okay I’m getting real tired of people hating on Darren because of that photo! Guys gay or straight do shit like this with their friends all the time and FFS that dudes eyes are OPEN he is not a fucking sleep! Zoom in if you don’t believe me you fucking dickbags! And honestly you can literally see…

I don’t think anyone believes he was really sleeping. It is clearly a joke. It is just an extremely offensive joke for someone who claims to be such an gay ally. Obviously they realized this which led to deleting it.

Well said, hotbldchick. 



To the ignorant, foolish, Darren stans/Tinhatters filling my Ask with nonsense:

It’s not ABOUT Will, or anyone else. It’s about Darren and his CONSISTENT PATTERN OF GROSS, QUESTIONABLE, BEHAVIOR.

Darren doesn’t need anyone else to make him look like as ass- he’s doing just fine on his own.



"The worst thing one person can do to another is to reduce their identity to being only half of something. When someone is treated as half or less than half of one identity, they’re not being treated like a human at all. Everyone should have the right to individuality.

[The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning, 289-291] 

I will always reblog this, everytime that I see it in my tumblr, because is the kind of thought that I always have about the relationships

It is clear that Chris wants Kurt to be more than half (or less than half than Klaine).  Brad once said that Kurt got lost in Klaine.  Klaine is a horrible couple because Blaine is a horrible character.  

I wish that RIB would do the right thing and end the series with Kurt reaching happiness within himself, and far far away from the boy who cheated, lied, and admitted that he wanted to control Kurt and have him be weaker. 

Kurt is too important a character to have him settle for Blaine.  Kurt has impacted so many lives because he has given kids hope.  I agree with Chris—Kurt should find happiness within himself, not be defined by being attached to a horrible character like Blaine. 

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What the ever living fuck, Darren!?!


I’m not going to reblog the photo that Darren posted (and deleted) because I don’t want to spread this filth on everyone’s dashes, but it’s one of those time when I really do believe that Darren is as big an asshole as his detractors (which I proudly call myself) see him as. For those who have had…

Darren continues to show more and more what an incredible ass he is.  He is nasty, offensive, and lacks good judgment.  

I love how while some actors from the cast chosen to go to the G4, Chris did his book tour.



I guess we know why he didn’t got any TCA nomination this year.

I don’t even now what the G4 is

G4 is really a nothing event.  The only current cast member who was at the event was Blarren. Everyone else was a former guest star (Max, and a couple of Warblers—Becca was scheduled as well, but cancelled after the sudden loss of her boyfriend), or a starkid.  (And from what I found about the previous events, it was mostly just guest stars like Max, Ashley, and Iqbal, and Warblers attending—with the exception of year one when Kevin was there). 

And people shelled out 95 pounds (around $162 U.S. dollars) to attend this event (more if they bought a gold ticket).  This gave them the opportunity to meet the guests, and attend the Q&A, parties, and stuff planned all weekend.  

The guests who appeared probably got an appearance fee, and a free trip to London. Really, it’s a way for these struggling actors to make an easy bit of money (I have no idea how much they each got, but I’d guess at most a couple grand each for most of them, and maybe a decent chunk of change for Darren—maybe $10,000-20,000).  It’s really about this StarFury company making money more than anything. 

Honestly, in my opinion it’s kind of embarrassing that Darren was even at this event.  It’s basically him saying, “I have nothing else going on this summer, so I’ll go to this event and get myself a free trip and an easy payday.”  It was just a chance for him to make a bit of easy money, and spend some time in London with some of his starkids buddies (who are mostly unknowns except in the starkid circle).   

So I’m in a relationship with my friend because I’m going to concerts with her ? 😇


Yeah, I’ve been to concerts with lots of men and women and had no idea. 

By that logic, Chris is in a relationship with Will because he went to Cochella and Adam Lambert with him.  Oh, and Lea too.  They have gone to concerts together, too.  

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You know, REAL Chris Colferstans don’t give one single fuck if Chris dates Will or Darren or anyone else. Or all of them together.
We saw his smile in the WWHL-interview. That’s important gir us. Someone makes him that happy. And we don’t care who it is.

That’s the difference between a Chris Colferstan and a Crisscolferstan.